The goal of a Movement Day expression is to accelerate a gospel movement - catalyzing highly trained, motivated and committed leaders determined to find solutions to the “stubborn facts” plaguing a city or region. We define “stubborn facts,” as crime, poverty, spiritual apathy, struggling educational systems, unemployment, etc. Our approach: multiply the impact of one, through the unity of many.

Movement Day (MD) is more than a day! It’s a movement of Christian leaders impacting a city together through the Gospel.


In the coming weeks more detail will be made available about City Story (Durban).

To register for Movement Day (Durban) please contact Alison via +27 79 52744.

To become a movement day contact and make sure you get all important information about movement day, click the button below.

Every Nation Church

City Story
Durban, KZN, South Africa
(+27) 79-527-4402